Wednesday, September 1, 2010


While eating strawberries..."Mom, I just adore strawberries. Do you adore strawberries, too?"

EM heard the ice cream truck, and not knowing where the sound was coming from, or probably even what an ice cream truck is, she said, "Dad, did you hear that music? Isn't it beautiful? It was so beautiful I had to close my eyes." Apparently we need to expose her to better music.

After her first day of Kindergareten: "Mom, you should really go to school. It's so fun." When I asked if any of the other moms were at school, and wouldn't that be weird if I were the only mom at school she said, "Well, maybe you should have just stayed 5 then."


Bree Anne said...

Apparently, yes, you do need to expose her to better music if the ice cream truck music is beautiful. Try Jon Schmidt for really pretty music...haha.

These made me laugh. I do love EM. She's SUCH a cutie. ;-)

Sarah said...

My sister always taught her girls that they were called Music Trucks, instead of Ice Cream Trucks. Free music! Just driving around, for anyone to hear! No purchase necessary!


ren said...

i love these sarah! they are so cute!

Hayley Nelson Potter said...

haha! I love her age, they come up with hilarious ideas and are so curious about everything.

Sweet J said...

ummmm you blog is friggin cute.I mean of course it is.

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