Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I'm feeling unorganized, unproductive, scatter-brained, what have you. I need a planner, or at least a calendar. Mommy brain is not capable of remembering things like dates, names, what needs to be done when, or how to properly construct a sentence. So today I made a list.

23 Feb 2011
  • cancel Comcast
  • pay AmEx bill
  • babysitter for Saturday
  • treats/note for Visiting Teaching ladies (it's one of those months)
  • Girls Camp calendar/ideas - meet with MF
  • Book Club date/invitations
  • order TC's missionary plaque
  • Church bulletin board
  • dinner for C family
  • Friday KM here for play date
  • Thursday - drive to gymnastics
  • JES birthday presents/cake
  • SK birthday present
  • Mom & K thank-you card & gift
  • grocery shopping
  • laundry
  • clean basement
  • organize files
  • vacuum car
  • schedule JES doctor appointment - 1 year
  • March 1st - Relief Society meeting
  • call SP
  • shoes

This is on top of my daily tasks of keeping the house clean, and the floor swept (the way JES eats that's a full-time job), the kids happy and entertained, and everyone fed (again, it feels like I'm constantly making a meal or cleaning up after one). So far I've paid my AmEx bill on-line. This list doesn't even include catching up on all my television viewing. That list would rival this one in length. I don't even know which girls are left on The Bachelor or who the next American Idol will be. At my productivity level, I may never know. I'm not feeling super-motivated, the way I thought I would having written everything down on paper. Wish me luck getting off my lazy rear-end (which, to my credit, has been running almost 3 miles in the morning for the last couple weeks - at least one thing I'm accomplishing) and getting some of this stuff done. I need all the help I can get.


Vanderlinden Clan said...

well, i guess you should've bought a nienie calendar when they were 50% off for sooo long! :) jk, but i'm very glad to see that book club made the list. still waiting for that, too. can't wait! and good luck with your list!

Sweet J said...

uhhhh you are amazing to do all that with kids. I mean i am really worried kids will cramp my tv style. but then I am sad that all these cool women hang out and have play dates and I can't because I have no kids...will you accept dogs?

Hayley Nelson Potter said...

I hope you got it done, by this point i am sure there is a new HUGE list to start Monday. Good luck.

Julie Church said...

update your blog!!! We are going through Staheli withdrawl!

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