Friday, September 6, 2013


While walking to school, Ellie realized she forgot her lunch. I ran back to the house to get it, because I'm such a good mom. I'll need to remind her of that next time she throws one of her "you're always so mean!" comments at me. It was hot - I haven't run since July, maybe June. It was definitely a day I should have been wearing a bra. Oh well.

Lauren came out of kindergarten holding hands with another girl. It made my heart happy. She is making friends - Avery, Claire, Lucy, McKenna. A hard thing to do for a 5-year-old starting school and only knowing one other boy.

We are off to a good start. Piano lessons and art classes were a hit (at least for week one). I want to go to the state fair tomorrow - do you think I can convince the husband to brave the parking and crowds? He hates the crowds and parking so very much. Wish me luck. Happy weekend!

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